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The Key Horse Must Finish in the Exact Position

When placing a wheel bet, the horse whose position specifically is named is called the “key.” While the other horse or horses can finish in any particular order to cash a winning ticket, the key horse must finish in that exact spot. If the bettor wagered that the horse specifically would take second or third […]

Betting the Wheel Can Pay Well

When it comes to handicapping a race, some bettors might have a strong idea of the position in which a particular horse will finish and general idea of the other horses that might compete for the win. When reasonably certain a horse might finish second and one or two others will be competing to win, […]

Time Helps Educate Smart Bettors

After even just a couple of months of laying timely wagers and paying attention to race outcomes, a beginning bettor can get a better understanding of horses, jockeys, tracks, surface types and racing conditions and make more informed wagers later. Every race has a right way to bet it, but even the right way doesn’t […]

Betting Every Race Can Be Costly

Unless a bettor truly has information on most horses running at a particular track and knows about workout schedules, jockey results and other factors that will influence the outcomes, betting on every race can be a sure loser. Beginning bettors in particular need to stay away from betting every race and leave such things to […]

Some Ideal Categories to Track

When assessing horses for various win potentials, among factors for which bettors should always account are track, surface type, race length, track conditions. So when a race is run at Hollywood Park, the bettor can record the order of finish for all horses, race length, track conditions, weather and surface type as well as the […]

Allowance Races Boost Winnings Potential

After graduating from Claiming Races, horses are run in Allowance Races that have larger purses and in which all horses are owned and not up for sale. Allowance races have preset conditions under which they will be run, including the weights the horses might carry. Weights are a way to level the racing field so […]

Different Types of Horse Races

In order to race in the prestigious Kentucky Derby and compete for the rare triple crown of horse racing, the owner of a horse first must bring it up through qualifying competitions in order to qualify for the top racing events and race tracks. The first level at which a horse will compete is the […]

Trifecta Wheel Can Pay Very Well

Predicting a horse will win, place or show in a race and then doing a “wheel” on the rest of the field will assure a winning ticket if the key horse finishes in the predicted position. Laying such bets can be risky with a potential to lose a great deal of money if the key […]

Straight Bets Help Beginning Bettors

When first learning to bet the horses, it helps to keep the bets as simple as possible. Each horse will have odds posted on how it will perform. The bettor can wager as little as $2 on how that horse will do and potentially win cash back. If a horse has 20-1 odds of winning […]